Monday, 21 July 2014


Last night we were moored at Saxilby and met two of the other boats who will be coming across The Wash with us.

From left to right : Roger, our current travelling companions Bob & Nicola on n.b. Vagabond, Lesley & Peter on n.b Aquarigo 2 and Bruce & Margaret on n.b. Lucky B

Today we carried on and moored for a couple of hours in Lincoln. Bob and Nicola went walkabout and Roger and I went for lunch in the Brayford Barge. We had Moules Frites which were lovely although as I'm not drinking at the moment they weren't quite the same minus our usual glass of Muscadet.

After lunch we had a quick visit to the local NHS walk-in centre so I could pick up some more strong pain killers. I really have to say that the NHS have come up trumps yet again. Being CCer's it's not that easy getting medical treatment but by telling them we are on holiday has made it a lot easier and everyone has been really helpful and sympathetic.

By 2 o'clock we were back on our way passing through the city

and The Glory Hole which is a very low bridge underneath a beautiful half timbered building

It must be large enough to take wide beam boats and high enough for yoghurt pots but it didn't seem it.

Bob & Nicola followed us through

It's such a lovely city we'll have to come back again for a longer visit soon, we didn't even manage a trip to the cathedral which towers above the city.

If the tidal Trent was the first scary bit of our B.S.A. then this must surely have been the second.

We've not encountered a guillotine lock before but it's fully mechanised so easy to use.

Instead of a pair of gates being pushed open, the top gate is hoisted out of the way so you can drive the boat in. It's advisable to wait for a couple of minutes for the water to drain off before passing underneath the gate as I found out to my cost when I got showered with cold canal water. I'll know better next time.

The guillotine gate is then lowered behind you and the rest of the lock is manually operated as normal.

This is the weir and sluice gates beside the lock

Once out of the lock we started on the River Witham which is mostly straight with high flood banks and could be considered as boring by some.

The blanket weed that's starting to cover the river is very popular with the wildfowl and if you slow down and wear Polarised sunglasses you can see thousands of fish. We also saw several pairs of Cormorants fishing and hawks hunting above the fields.

In the middle of nowhere is this large sculpture

We're now moored on the new 24hr visitor mooring pontoon at Fiskerton Fen. It isn't marked in our copy of Nickolson's guide so we were pleasantly surprised when we came upon it and also when there was only one other boat there which meant that for the first time for a few days we didn't have to breast up against Vagabond.

It's just about dusk now and it looks like we're in for another spectacular sunset. As we were all sat outside chatting for a long while before dinner I think it might be the perfect time for a stroll round the Fen with Chico before bed. See you tomorrow............

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