Saturday, 23 June 2012

I've been away

Last Monday I decided at very short notice to go to Newcastle to visit our daughter. She's been very ill recently and with a 7 week old baby needed a bit of  "Mummy's TLC".  As we were moored near Lapworth train station it seemed a good idea, so as soon as the Asda man had brought our delivery I caught a train into Birmingham and then another up to Newcastle, leaving Roger and Chico behind on the boat.  It's the first time I've ever travelled anywhere on my own and the journey took 5 hours with the train being absolutely packed. I managed to get a seat but for some people a lot of the journey was standing room only and at Durham there was an announcement asking people to check their luggage as some had been stolen en-route. As the luggage racks had been full when I'd got on the train I'd kept my small case with me squashed between my legs. It made the journey a bit uncomfortable, but how awful must that have been to have your case stolen?

I stayed for 3 nights and the journey home was much less crowded. Our daughter is much better now and the baby is doing well too, putting on lots of weight and hardly ever crying. I had lots of cuddles and hope to get back to see them both, and Dad, soon. The best thing about 10 hours on the train was that I managed to knock up another baby cardigan.

We moved down to Lowsonford yesterday where we paid a visit to the farm shop.  They may have rare breed beef and pork but it was all frozen and VERY expensive.  I bought a dozen free range eggs but when I got them back to the boat they are tiny. I suppose I should have checked before I bought them, I just hope they are good to justify the cost.

There wasn't any Orange phone or 3mobile internet signal in Lowsonford so we decided to carry on today and are now moored at Preston Baggott where we'll stay for a couple of days.

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