Sunday, 24 June 2012

A nice lazy day

It was very showery this morning so we decided to stay here in Preston Baggott and I spent most of the morning on the computer catching up and reading almost 2 weeks of blogs.

This afternoon has been lovely and we took Chico out for a walk.  Funnily enough we ended up at a pub! It was the Navigation in Wootton Wawen where we'll be calling tomorrow for diesel, water and a pump-out.  Roger has an App on his phone that tells you how far you've walked AND how many calories you've burnt off.  It was 1.91 miles to the pub and the app said we'd burnt off the equivalent of a peach and a banana. We settled for a pint and a packet of crisps......much better.

We passed this unusual boat.  Instead of towing a butty behind it, it's configured to push one in front.  Sounds like a good idea and I'd like to see it in action, maybe tomorrow as it's heading in our direction.

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