Saturday, 16 June 2012


We're now moored at Lapworth but the internet reception isn't good and we're having to take turns for the connection as it's not strong enough to use on wifi.

We came down Knowle Locks on Wednesday. They're wide locks and have to be the hardest paddles I have EVER  done.

This type of paddle gear is usually easy to operate although you do have to do lots and lots of turns to raise the gates, but the these are extremely stiff to work, which I think is simply due to lack of maintenence.

The pounds between the locks are very wide.  Knowle locks used to be single width but in the 1930's depression they were converted to wide locks.  This served 2 purposes, increasing the boat capacity so 2 boats could use the lock at a time and providing much needed employment.

You can still see the old disused single locks beside the newer double ones.

We moored for the night at the Black Boy pub and went in for a pint.  The beer wasn't very good though, far too cold, so we didn't stay long.  The food looked good although we didn't stay to try it. The menu was basic English pub grub with a few specials and the portions were HUGE.

We had torrential rain and hail on Wednesday night and it got so cold that I had to dig the chimey out of storage and light the fire!  The bad weather's carried on ever since and my poor plants on the roof are starting to suffer.

We carried on to Lapworth on Thursday and are staying here for the weekend.  There's not a lot here to be honest, just a small village shop, a wine merchant / post office and a hairdressers. The Navigation pub opposite our mooring was closed for refurbishment but re-opened at 6pm last night so we'll pop in later this evening and have a look.

The towpath here is very overgrown. Last year a friend gave us a battery powered strimmer which we've never used and were just about to dispose of, so we thought we'd charge it up and give it a try.  It's brilliant and we've decided to keep it and maybe use it more often.

In the meantime I've been busy hooking again.  I made these 2 jumpers for my baby granddaughter and I'm just off to the post office now to send them to her.

I hope you all have a good weekend, where-ever you are.  Hopefully we'll get better internet reception when we move again on Monday, see you then.......................

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