Saturday, 27 May 2017

One week to go

Hi, welcome back.

The pilot phoned this morning so we're now booked to go back to Portishead on Tuesday with an overnight stop in the marina before heading to Bristol on Wednesday. Keep your fingers crossed for good weather please.

Roger's finished the painting and the boat now looks like it belongs to us, rather than the previous owner. We just need to replace the tatty sign writing and it'll be perfect.

We've had LOTS of lovely comments from passers-by and have been asked a few times if it's a new boat!

It's the Gloucester Tall Ships Festival in Gloucester Docks this weekend and yesterday 3 of the boats sailed past our mooring.

I couldn't do his job, it's a LONG way down!

Our old friend the Mathew from Bristol. 

They wanted to come alongside us as they didn't quite know where they were. I would have loved that photo, being boarded by pirates....... but we told them where they were supposed to moor to await entry into the docks and they carried on

and then the Lady of Avenel 

who was going so fast that she pulled out our new ground anchor and the mooring pins of 2 other boats moored in front of us!

The new solar panels that Roger fitted are working amazingly well and charge even on the dullest of days. With the brilliant sunny weather that we've been having recently I even managed to run the washing machine through them. They won't cope with the dryer though, although they easily manage the hoover and the hairdryer.  The solar water heating has also been working extremely well and yesterday the tank temperature reached over 60'C. Diesel consumption for domestic use has dropped significantly and on a sunny day we don't have to run the engine or generator at all.

When Out Of The Blue goes onto the wagon for transport to Belgium I'll be starting a completely new blog.  I'll post a link on here and really hope you'll come with us on our next adventure.

Bye for now, take care and see you soon

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Gill (Valentine) said...

Glad to hear there'll be a new blog. I'll be looking forward to it!
Good luck on your new adventure.
G x