Saturday, 1 September 2012


We had a quick trip to the new Asda in Worcester before setting off this morning.  The wine rack was looking a bit bare and that'll never do.

It's Grand Prix weekend so we stopped off en-route for lunch and to watch qualifying.  No digital TV and no satellite signal proved a bit of a problem so we had to resort to watching it on the internet.  Just as we were about to set off again a boat went past at a fair old pace, far too fast for such a shallow canal but never mind......  The first lock we came to had the top gate left open. Sometimes the gates swing open because they're not properly balanced. Was it a swinger?  No.  Then the next lock and every one after that also had the top gate left open!  I wouldn't mind, but the gates are NOT heavy, they DON'T swing, so the crew of the boat in front are just LAZY B******S !!  When we finally arrived in Tibberton this particular boat had moored up so inconsiderately that they were taking enough room for 3 boats.  Luckily there was a gap between 2 other moored boats that we thought we might just fit in to, so while we were trying to get in without touching the boats moored either side this Lazy B boat upped pins and pulled out....... and just kept coming past us, making things more awkward than they needed to be.  It takes a lot to make my blood boil these days but I tell you, this was one day I wished our bow thruster tube was really a torpedo tube! 

We're now moored outside the Bridge Inn.  It's a nice spot but there's still no satellite TV as the trees are too tall on both sides of the canal and there's no Digital TV either, (has Worcestershire gone digi yet?) which is a bit of a bummer as the new series of Dr Who starts tonight and I'm a bit of a fan.  There's live music in the pub so guess where we're going? See you tomorrow.


Sue said...

Ridge Hill transmitter is digital so you should get it OK. From where I guess you are it is at 4 o'clock if you are looking at the bow. Behind you and across the towpath a bit?

If you cant get that and can turn the aerial over so it is in the vertical mode you might get the Andoversford transmitter which is straight across the towpath (3'oclock).

We can often get difficult ones by turning the aerial on it's side!

Good luck

Yvonne said...

Thanks Sue. Our TV aerial looks like the star ship enterprise and unfortunately isn't adjustable. It's not very often that we get reception problems and thankfully Dr Who will be available on download and is repeated on TV Friday.