Saturday, 23 April 2011

Lazy day

We've had a nice lazy day today, going nowhere.

Last night's thunder didn't amount to much after all. It rumbled around us in a circle for about an hour but we only had a bit of rain. When we went to the village shop today we heard that it had been quite torrential only a couple of miles away at Wheelock.
On the way back from the shop we called in at the village pub, the Broughton Arms. It's a Marston's pub and the Dragon's Tale dark bitter was really nice, which is more than can be said for the food. I had a veggie burger which was OK but far too small for the size of burger bun it was served in and Roger had a cheese and bacon burger that was of very dubious quality and tasted of absolutely nothing! My portion of onion rings was only just cooked and soggy. Altogether a total waste of money! 

The male swan has been ardently guarding his mate and her nest in the winding hole and swimming up and down all day giving a wonderfully macho display.

We've moored here at Rode Heath several times before as the fishing is good and it's usually fairly quiet. Today has been extremely busy with moving boats and there are 9 other boats moored up along the towpath. 
It's nice to see so many boats moving about as reports in the waterways press keep saying how quiet the canals are for the time of year. Let's face it though, if you have a boat and don't use it over the Easter weekend in weather like we're having at the moment, what's the point in having it?

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