Monday, 25 April 2011

Red Bull to Bosley

We set off around 10.00 this morning as I needed to nip to Morrison's in Congleton to stock up the fridge. We moored up at Congleton Wharf which was empty apart from one other boat and took Chico and the Granny Trolley down into town. I know it's Bank Holiday Monday but Congleton was deserted, with hardly any of the shops open. I filled the Granny Trolley, which is probably the best £10 I ever spent on the boat, and we took turns pulling it back up the hill to the wharf. It might not be very trendy looking, but it certainly beats carrying shopping bags.
Just as we got to Congleton Aqueduct we picked up something big and metallic on the prop again. We're really not having much luck but as this is the third thing round the prop in a month maybe our luck'll change.

It took us a while to decide what it was, but finally came to the conclusion that it used to be a fishing landing net.  The canal traffic has been very busy again today and we got the last mooring spot at Bosley on the aqueduct ready to go up the locks tomorrow. Roger's been fishing again and instead of catching 50+ tiddlers as at Rode Heath, he's had a couple of nice sized bream.

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