Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Sutton Bonington

We didn't move today. Instead, we spent the morning and early afternoon cleaning and touching up the paintwork and doing those once a year jobs like stripping and cleaning the roof vent for the cooker extractor. The fire had a really good cleaning and Roger swept the chimney and re-sealed the chimney collar, ready for next time we use it which hopefully won't be until late Autumn.

view from the boat at 6.30 this morning

We're actually moored at the end of Soar Lane as seen on the map. It's a good spot to moor and yesterday evening we watched teams from Loughborough Rowing Club practising up and down the river.

After the chores were finished we took the dogs and walked into the village for a nosy around. There isn't much there to be honest, just a church and  a pub (which was shut). Apparently there's quite a large university campus here but we didn't see it. There don't appear to be any shops either. 

When we got back to the boat I spent a very pleasant half hour feeding the swans and cygnets. Every Spring I buy a bag of ARK floating duck and swan food. This is much better for them than bread and is a small price to pay for the entertainment I get, especially from watching the ducks squabble over it.

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