Thursday, 9 June 2011

Market Harborough

We carried on to Market Harborough yesterday, cruising through very heavy sudden showers alternated with bright sunny spells. The visitor moorings are good and there’s plenty of water points so we didn’t feel the need to pay to moor in the basin.

It’s a 10 minute downhill walk into town so when the sun came out we did a quick shopping trip but got soaked on the way back. Market Harborough is a nice enough town, but nothing spectacular. Food-wise there’s a Tesco Metro, a fairly large Sainsbury’s, an Aldi and a Lidl so there’s plenty of choice for everyone. Aldi‘s Indonesian Style Cracker Mix is gorgeous and their £3.99 wine range is pretty good too. There are the usual chain pizza restaurants & clothes shops (except M&S) that you’d expect to find in a large town, several pubs and Weatherspoons was packed. There’s an indoor market which opens on Tuesday, Friday and Saturday so we’ll go back tomorrow and check it out to stock up on fruit and veg.

in market square
This afternoon I’ve been feeding the fish. There are so many roach taking bread from the surface it’s a bit like having your own aquarium.

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