Saturday, 25 June 2011

Perfect Pies

Today’s blog is specially for my favourite “pie-monster” Martin.

Purely in the name of research on Martin’s behalf, we had lunch in the Fleur de Lys. You can view the menu HERE

They claim to be the home of pies and with a choice of 8 (including 2 vegetarian) plus a special ‘pie of the day’ that is certainly the case.  We couldn’t decide which ones to have, so after a starter of really well kept Abbot and Otter ales we ordered one Chicken of Aragon and one Matador to have half each of both.

At first sight the meals seemed a bit expensive at £10.45 for pie & chips but what a pie! The portion size was just right, the chips were really nice and the mixed veg (carrots, leeks and cabbage) were perfectly cooked too, not hard and undercooked as is so often the case in pubs. This all came with a couple of jugs of very tasty gravy which really made the meal.  The chicken pie was succulent and packed with large plump chunks of chicken, smoky bacon & tarragon. The Matador pie was full of  tender beef, chorizo, green olives and butter beans. It was hard to decide which was best and sharing half and half was definitely a good idea.

2 empty plates says it all!

For desert I had Summer Pudding with ice cream, purely in the name of research you understand, and again it was really good.

This is a pub restaurant I can heartily recommend and we will definitely be stopping here again, after all there are still many more pies to sample.

The live staff were a bit younger,
very friendly and efficient too

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