Monday, 11 July 2011

Cruising again

It’s been wonderful to be moving again today. After a quick trip to Sainsbury’s to replenish the wine rack we set off downstream, passing Mr & Mrs AUK and cygnets on the way to the lock.

The first lock after Stratford is Colin P. Witter Lock, named after the man who helped pay for the restoration of the lock.  It’s heavily reinforced by a cage of steel girders and must surely be unique.

We moored for lunch at Stan Glover Lock at Luddington.  Just before we were ready to carry on three old steam boats came up out of the lock. They were a wonderful site, and smell, and moored up behind us to go for drinks in a friend’s garden.

The old chap with the whiskers was ever so posh. He said he liked our boat’s name and then said to Roger “so you’re the bounder then” can’t imagine why?  We met them again later as they were following us back downstream. They were a very “merry” bunch and helped with all the locks.

The weather has been warm and sunny, just perfect for a slow cruise down past some fantastic houses.

My favourite has to be this huge place, complete with it’s peacock sitting on the patio railings.

We’re now on the overnight moorings above Pilgrim Lock.  This was built by hand in 1970, by prisoners from Gloucester Jail and is built from reinforced concrete blocks.

Stratford was wonderful but this is where I prefer to moor, out in the countryside, all alone, with just the birdsong and rush of the weir to break to silence.

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