Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Back on the Shroppie

It’s been another beautiful day. As we were going up we met quite a few boats coming down the locks, so the work was halved and there was plenty of opportunity for a chat.  I don’t like heights so there was absolutely no way I was going to walk across this “bridge” at Ebstree Lock. It would have been like walking the plank! I’m sure there are many of you brave enough but not wimpy little me.

These fancy tree stump faces were grinning through the undergrowth beside Dimmingsdale Lock and further up the canal we saw them again, half way up trees.

At Aldersley Junction with the Birmingham Canal we came across this fancy painted boat. It was painted by Canal Boat Art  and was very intricate.

We turned onto the Shropshire Union Canal at Autherley Junction and passed through the very first lock we did in a hire boat 31 years ago. It’s only 6 inches deep but that bottom gate is so heavy it took 2 of us to close it!  I was surprised at how quiet it was at the junction. Last time we came through here it was chaos with queues in all 3 directions.

We’re now moored on the SUCS (Shropshire Union Canal Society) moorings just past Bridge 4. We joined the SUCS last year after we’d been to their rally at Ellesmere on the Llangollen branch of the canal. They provide good moorings at sites along this canal and we’re always keen to contribute towards a good cause.

It's a beautiful sunny evening and the view from the boat across a field of cattle is lovely. I love my life afloat, can't you tell?

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