Thursday, 25 August 2011


Over the years we’ve visited the Stanley Arms many times, both by boat and car. The food was always excellent quality, basic English pub food. Unfortunately the pub appears to have recently changed hands and this is no longer the case. They’ve changed the menu for more ‘exotic’ meals and although the portions are still huge, the quality has deteriorated drastically. I doubt we’ll be back.

It’s been another lovely sunny day and the canal has been quite busy. We joined a convoy of 5 boats to go through Barnton Tunnel. The boat behind us had 2 car headlights built into it’s front bulkhead and they were so bright I wouldn’t have wanted to meet him coming towards me in a 2 way tunnel. You would have been dazzled beyond belief!

the boat was 200 yards behind us!

At Saltersford Tunnel the convoy was joined by one of the hire boats we’d had problems with at Middlewich. They still haven’t learnt how to steer in a straight line and went through the tunnel on tick-over forcing all of us travelling behind to do the same.

Saltersford Tunnel 

We’re now moored just before Dutton Stop Lock

and have been for a lovely walk through Longacre Wood.

It’s really beautiful with the sun shining through the trees.

I picked a couple of apples to go with the handful of blackberries I found yesterday. I don’t know about where you are, but so far this year the blackberries seem to be quite scarce. This time last year I was making jam but so far I haven’t found anywhere near enough. I think maybe we didn’t have enough rain earlier in the summer, as the ones I have found have been very small and sour and there are a lot of dead flowers that haven’t gone on to develop into berries. Maybe I’ll have more luck up on the Bridgewater Canal as they seem to have had more rain.

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