Sunday, 23 October 2011

Museum of Science & Industry

Today we went to the Museum of Science and Industry, MOSI.

It was extremely busy as it’s Manchester Science Festival, to coincide with the half term holidays.

It’s never very easy photographing exhibits in a museum but here are a few I thought you might like.

Later on we took Chico out for a walk along the River Irwell.  We almost got wet when the football shuttle boat came past as it’s wash was huge and almost came up over the banks.

Apparently Manchester United were playing Manchester City at home (can you tell I’m not interested in football? ) amazingly City won 1-6, no wonder there are so many police sirens going off all around town this evening!!!

We also found a garden complete with cows.

You can get from the Irwell onto the Manchester, Bury & Bolton Canal via this tunnel, unfortunately once you've gone up the locks there's nowhere else for you to go, until they restore the M B & B canal.

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