Saturday, 17 December 2011

Back to Chester

When we got up this morning the weather was awful; heavy hail which was freezing onto the pontoons and paths, but by 10.00 it had stopped and was brightening up a treat. We moved over to the service pontoon and did a pump-out (£12.50) and filled up with diesel (£0.86 / £1.36 a litre - any split) and then headed off back to Chester.  It was cold and and we had a couple of light showers, but as they say "there's no wrong weather, just wrong clothes" so with thermals and waterproof snow-boarding clothes on we were both nice and toasty. I drove for the first couple of hours while Roger stayed inside and played his guitar and then we had a nice easy trip down the locks.  We passed a few other moving boats and then met the restaurant boat at Chemistry Lock. It was good to be back on the move. I get really fed up staying in a marina.

Chester is very busy with Christmas shoppers and we also saw several stag parties setting off for their nights out. One group of about 20 were dressed as penguins, unfortunately I didn't have my camera with me but they looked very comical.

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