Saturday, 3 December 2011


We've been back in Chester since Wednesday, Christmas shopping and seeing our son.  The weather's been pretty good but we do seem to be lucky in that respect as other blogs I've been reading are talking about rotten, dismal weather but we've had mostly sunny days and it's lovely and bright again today.

The only problem we've had here was on Thursday night when we were woken at 1.45 by a knocking on the side of the boat. It was David from the boat behind telling us someone had untied us. When he'd looked out of his window he'd seen our stern end a couple of feet out into the canal and had just managed to grab the stern rope before it went into the water. They'd untied the bow rope as well but had left it through the mooring ring so the bow was still in against the towpath.  Last night we had the centre rope on as well and stuck a padlock through it so no-one could untie us again. It hasn't put us off Chester and although we're heading off today to Ellesmere Port we'll still moor here when we return next week.


Alf said...

The joys of tying in a town eh ? we use the anchor chain through the mooring ring & back to the anchor loop on the boat all secured with a padlock when ever we moor in a town, at least then one end is near the bank if we are let lose by some ars##ole !

Paul said...

We use a security alarmed cable after being untied at banbury once, give speace of mind because if they do untie us the need to break the cable to cause us to leave the bank. Breaking the cable sets off the alarm. Not hugely effective but it does give peace of mind