Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Back to Chirk

It was time to leave the Montgomery Canal today so when the Lock Keeper opened up at 12.00 we came back up onto the Llangollen Canal. Traffic is definitely starting to pick up and we met 3 hire boats coming down New Marton locks.  All 3 had happy, smiling holiday makers and it was nice to have someone to chat to again after the solitude of the Monty.

When we came out of New Marton Top Lock the surface of the canal was covered with a thick layer of oil/diesel which has continued all the way to Chirk. BW are obviously aware of it as there's an oil boom across the bi-wash to stop it going down-stream. Heaven knows where it's coming from, but by the amount in the water it must be a major spillage.

This is the third time we've moored at Chirk Bank but it's the first time we've managed to align the satellite dish. It seems that just by mooring 1 ring closer to the bridge allows you to get sat signal through a gap between the trees.  We couldn't even get digital TV signal here last time. I'm really glad it's sorted as I want to watch the Master Chef final. I know we could always watch it on the BBC iplayer or Catch-up TV but it's not quite the same. 

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