Friday, 9 March 2012

Wonderful B.W.

We needed a pump out yesterday but when we tried to use the self-service machine at Maesbury Services it wasn't working properly.  The machine started up normally but there was absolutely no suction whatsoever. Although it was 5.15 Roger phoned the Northwich B.W. office expecting to just leave an answerphone message. Instead he was put straight through to the local lengthsman who promised to come out to us first thing this morning.  By 9.30 he'd come to meet us, having first been to check the machine and make sure it was working.  We reversed back to the services and he stayed around to make sure we got the job done problem free. Apparently, this machine is used so infrequently that the internal seals dry out and he told us there's talk of removing the machine due to lack of use.

We've had wonderful service from the local B.W. guys while we've been on the Monty. I'd urge anyone who has a problem with anything to phone their local office. It seems they just can't do enough to help but obviously if problems aren't reported then they can't sort them out.

Incidentally, we always carry an item "just in case" we get really stuck and can't get a pump-out.  It's this. Called a "shit-box" and was originally developed for music festivals. I hope we never actually have to use it but it's always there in emergencies and as it's flat-packed it just hides under the bed.

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