Thursday, 24 May 2012

BCN Explorer Cruise Day 5

With 17 boats needing to go up the 8 Ryders Green locks, we were asked to set off at 10 minute intervals from 7.30 this morning.  We were supposed to be last to set off at 10.00 but at 9.00 we had a phone call from the organiser, Marie, asking all the remaining boats to stay put as there was a problem at lock 8 and BW were on their way.  It turned out that a bicycle was stuck in the gate paddle gear and by the time it was cleared it was 11.15.

Ryders Green locks aren't very pretty and awful black smelly stuff was dragged up from the bottom as each boat went through.  The local scroats were on form and one lovely specimen spat down on Roger as he went under a bridge.  I suppose that one incident in the week isn't too bad, we could have had a lot worse.

The boat convoy was helped up the lock flight by volunteers, Charley and John and once we were back on the Birmingham Main Line we split into 2 groups to minimise the queues at the next locks.  One group went up Brades Locks and the others, us included, went up Factory Locks.

Can you see the gap below this bridge over Factory bottom lock?  It's to let the towing rope attached to the horse through.

We're now all moored at Tipton and have been to the local library for a presentation about the history of Tipton's canals by the local history society.  After I took tonight's mooring photo another boat arrived to moor against us so we're well packed in tonight.

We're now off to Mad O'Rourkes Pie Factory pub for dinner (and a pint or 2) 

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