Sunday, 13 May 2012

Bombay Potatoes

We're not going to need the car again now for a few months so on Friday Roger took the car back to Manchester while I stayed in the marina doing the washing and cleaning, ready to set off again on Saturday.  I don't know about you but I never know what to eat when it's just me for lunch so I decided to use up all the bits and bobs we had lurking in the fridge and came up with this variation on Bombay Potatoes.

I chopped up some cold left over roast potatoes and fried them in a bit of olive oil with a sliced onion and some garlic till golden brown and then added a couple of chopped tomatoes and a large teaspoon of curry paste.

When the tomatoes had cooked for a couple of minutes I added a drop of water, some salt and black pepper and the remains of a bag of spinach.  I put a lid on the pan to steam the spinach a bit and wilt it down enough to stir it into the mix.

It turned out really well, next time I make it I think I'll add some red lentils and have it with chapatis.

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