Tuesday, 15 May 2012

finally off the Shroppie

I've really enjoyed the Shropshire Union Canal. The scenery can be quite spectacular and at this end there are several long narrow cuttings. This is the cutting leading up to Tyrley Locks.

You can see the layers in the rock face and some of the trees look very precarious, especially this one beside the bottom lock.

This bridge shows just how high the walls of the cuttings are.

Woodseaves Cutting is very narrow and the land is unstable.  This is the remains of a recent land-slip which closed the canal for a couple of days.

It's surprising what you see beside the canal.  We passed a few boats moored in the middle of nowhere.  They obviously live there as there's all manner of sheds and junk lying around.

Did you notice the car?  It's absolutely beautiful and obviously well loved and cared for judging by the shiny polish.

This must be one of the most photographed bridges on the canal system. That's a telegraph pole in the top arch. 

Last night we moored at Wheaton Aston ready to fill up with cheap diesel from the garage beside Bridge 19.  
Just opposite our mooring this mother Moor Hen was trying in vain to coax her chicks into the water.  They didn't look very old and weren't brave enough to make the leap, however as we watched them again this morning they finally took the plunge and swan straight into the bushes to hide.

When we moored up last night the diesel was 76.9p per litre so we were really happy we'd waited to fill up as this morning it had gone down to 74.9p. saving us just over £5 on the tank full.

The weather's been quite weird today. It's alternated between warm sunshine and really cold torrential rain and hailstones.  We stopped for a while at Brewood (pronounced Brood) to do a bit of shopping and are now moored up just past Autherley Junction ready to tackle the 21 locks of the Wolverhampton Flight tomorrow.

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