Saturday, 7 July 2012

I knew we should have called the boat "The Ark" !

Once upon a time in a previous life, I was working at Crick Boat Show.  One year the mud was worse than usual and I had to buy a pair of wellies just to get around the marina.  I've never needed them again but couldn't bear to get rid of them as they remind me of Blackpool rock and they've spent the past 4 years stowed away under the bed with all the other "just in case" stuff.  Do you like them?  

This morning I had to dig them out, keep reading and you'll see why.......

This was the view of the opposite bank at 9.00pm last night. The level had already risen about 6ins since we'd arrived earlier in the afternoon.

This was the same view at 8.00am this morning. The river rose steadily all night and is still rising.

And we're now rising up the mooring poles. We had to put the plank out so Chico could go off for a wee, but as the water's still rising and the island between the lock and the weir is getting smaller and smaller we may have to think of another solution for his toilet requirements. He wasn't very happy walking down the plank as he's never done it before, but coming back up onto the boat was a different matter. I don't think he liked paddling while peeing very much.

This is the view towards the lock.   

You can see where the water's flowing over the bank into the river.  The weir's almost disappeared as the level's risen so much.

This sign is our current level marker.

The water's started flowing into the river behind us as well.  It won't be long until our little island disappears altogether.

The day before we left Stratford upon Avon I arranged for an Asda delivery so we're well stocked with food & drink.  The water tank's about 3/4 full and there's plenty of room in the toilet tank so, apart from Chico's need to go out, we're quite happy just sitting it out until the level goes down.  Our only "problem" is that we can't get any TV.  There's no digital signal round here and the trees are blocking the satellite.  We did manage to watch TV on the internet last night so Roger should be able to watch the Grand Prix, providing it isn't cancelled of course.

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