Friday, 24 August 2012

Back to Upton on Severn

Getting our mail is one of the hardest things about living on the boat. We get all the important stuff like bank statements etc. on-line or by email but some companies still insist on using snail mail, so every couple of months one of my friends fills a Jiffy bag and sends it on to us. We use the Post Restante system operated by the post office but you'd be amazed at how many large post offices we've been to where the staff have no idea what Post Restante is.  Thankfully the post office in Upton on Severn is fully clued up and when we went to collect our mail today the girl told us they have several Post Restante clients at the moment and had it all filed away in the back office. Very efficient!

We'd planned to go down river to Gloucester and just call in at Upton on the way to pick up the post, but that's all changed. No sooner had we pulled up on the pontoon than another narrowboat breasted up with us and then we were surrounded by plastic.  It's the Upton Music Festival this weekend. At  over £50 each for the weekend we'd decided it was too expensive and would give it a miss, but we've been reliably informed that we'll hear all the music from our moorings so have decided to stay here for a couple of nights.

The festival has been set up on the field opposite our moorings. We'll go over tomorrow and check it out properly but for tonight there's live music on in most of the pubs along the waterfront so we'll have a wander around after dinner, providing the rain holds off that is.

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