Friday, 31 August 2012

Back to Worcester

The river level had risen another foot over night and there was all manner of rubbish rushing past the boat this morning, so Roger phoned Diglis Lock to check if it was safe to travel.  The lockie said the level was in the orange and the flow was "up a bit" but wasn't too bad so we set off just before 11.00.  We had a good trip and didn't find the current to be too much of a problem.  When we got to Diglis bottom lock which takes you off the river onto the canal a hire boat went in just before us and then shut the gates right in front of us!  It's a wide lock but they obviously didn't want to share it.  When we got up into the basin they were on the water point and the skipper started shouting that he was going onto the last mooring spot, he'd even got his kids sitting in the gap preventing anyone mooring up.  As it happens, there was room for two boats and even more moorings just through the bridge, but what an idiot!

Diglis Canal Basin

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