Wednesday, 5 September 2012

What a load of B******S !

As we arrived back in Birmingham this afternoon, we passed what we first thought was a floating skip full of tree loppings. It looked like the CaRT volunteers had been cutting back the bushes and had filled the skip ready for dumping.

In reality it's an "Art Project" called The Rootless Forest and cost £50,000.

This is how the artist justifies the expense............

"The Rootless Forest inscribes itself into our memory, becoming a lasting monument literally planted into the landscape. It is an emblematic place, framing memories through its figurative ecology. For generations to come, people can visit this living monument, which will grow alongside the families that helped give it significance."

It took 4 years to create and is being paraded round the canals of the Midlands until October.

Whilst it's in Birmingham, the "Forest" will spend an hour or so at different locations around the central canal area.  There are mooring restrictions in place at different times of the day here outside the NIA and at 4pm it arrived and moored behind us.  Although a recorded commentary is played continuously I didn't see anyone stop to listen to it, or indeed stop and look at the "Art".  There were a few comments of "what on earth's that?" etc. from passers by but hardly anyone gave it a second glance.

I have never seen such a blatant waste of money. £50,000?  Roger & I would have stuck a few tree cuttings in the skip for £50 each and it would have looked just the same. The so called "artist" must be having a good laugh at our expense. It must be a scam!

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Tucker said...

Hi Yvonne
Its unbelieveable that supposedly intelegent people can spend at least 60 boaters licence fees on such a project. How it could have taken 4 years to produce I will never understand, 5 minutes yes!!
all the best
Nb Autumn Myst