Thursday, 4 October 2012

Tixall Wide

It's been another glorious day; a bit windy but lovely and sunny and perfect for cruising down to Tixall.

We were last here in May 2011 and I'm sure Tixall Lock cottage has had a make-over. I certainly don't remember it looking as smart as this.

The by-wash has definitely been smartened up. It used to have all sorts of gnomes lurking about and I seem to remember one that was either flashing or mooning at you as you peered over the wall.

Tixall Wide is one of our favourite mooring places on the whole canal system. It's almost like mooring on a lake and the variety of bird-life here is amazing.  We've only been here a couple of hours and have already seen a kingfisher, swans, mallards, coots, a cormorant and a great crested grebe.

Roger's been fishing off the back of the boat but hasn't had much luck as yet, neither have the fishermen on the bank behind us. Maybe the cormorant has eaten them all?

We've put in a couple of long days getting here which means we can now have tomorrow off and make the most of a beautiful spot. We'll probably carry on again on Saturday.

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