Sunday, 17 February 2013

Spring Sunshine

It's been a gorgeous day. Blue skies and warm sunshine, although it was a bit parky in the shade.
I've not been very well for the past week so I'm ashamed to say we overstayed on the moorings at Gurnett but today I was well enough for us to move on.

To make the most of the sunshine I decided to drive while Roger stayed inside and played his guitar.  It's over 30 years since we first hired a boat and we've had our own boats for the past 7 years but in all that time I have NEVER turned the boat around. I'm not sure how this has happened as I share the driving with Roger and am a dab hand at driving through locks etc. When we left Gurnett this morning we decided to go to Bollington but we were facing the wrong way so had to go to the winding hole at Lyme Green to turn round. I could have shouted down to Roger to get him to come and turn us round but instead decided it was about time I did it myself. Now I can't understand why I've never done it before. I did a text book turn which reminded me of taking my driving test "turn the vehicle round using forward and reverse gears & try not to touch the kerbs". I took it slowly, didn't touch either bank and didn't need to use the bow thruster! Needless to say it was a brilliant confidence booster and I had a smile on my face for ages afterwards. And typically there was no-one around to see me do it.

Moorings in this section of the canal are few and far between as the Macclesfield Canal is in dire need of dredging, but after trying to get in at a few spots we finally managed it just before Bollington Wharf.

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