Monday, 17 February 2014

River levels are still up and we're still stuck

I don't need to tell you how bad the weather has been over the past week. At times the waves were so high on the canal that it looked like a mini Severn Bore!

We're still moored just outside Loughborough and although the weather has improved a lot the red light was still on when we walked to Bishops Meadow Lock yesterday and the EA website says levels are rising again this morning.

That doesn't seem to have stopped 2 boats from coming through though and as one of them was a hire boat I'd be interested to know a) does the hire company know they are travelling on a river in flood and b) is their insurance valid?

Until the red lights go off we're staying put, even if we are starting to get a bit stir-crazy!

There are signs of Spring bursting all around us. Several trees along the towpath are starting to blossom, the moorhens are fighting to claim their mates and a pair of swans are building a nest opposite us.

Loughborough is quite a handy place to be stuck as it's easy for us to hire a car every week to make the 2 hour trip back to Manchester. I'm having acupuncture treatment for nerve damage caused by the chemo I had last year. We'll just have to plan our travels carefully for the next few months, once the river is open again, to make sure we can always get a hire car. Enterprise Car Hire are very good as they will pick us up and drop us off again although that service isn't available here in Loughborough due to the extensive road works in the town centre. They're pretty reasonable too and we've been getting a good car for only £25 a day.

Until river levels drop and we start cruising again I won't bore you with the trivialities of life here on the boat. The blog may be a bit erratic but hopefully normal service will be resumed again soon.

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