Friday, 2 May 2014

If we stay any longer we'll be putting down roots!

We got back from our "holiday" on Tuesday and have moved into the village, on 14 day moorings. We're finding it difficult to drag ourselves away from this lovely village. The only down-side, if you can call it that, is that we have very limited internet and consequently have to go to the Brasenose Pub to use their WiFi. Such hardship......

Our holiday was spent dashing around visiting family and friends. 2 days in Newcastle celebrating our grand-daughter's 2nd birthday, followed by 2 days in Sheffield with our son and his girlfriend and then on to Macclesfield for another couple of celebrations.  

Mick and Jayne who own one of our boats "Dawn Owl" were having a party to celebrate the fact that they are finally leaving Macclesfield Marina and going long-term cruising and we called in for a while to wish them bon voyage.

But the best thing happened on Sunday night when we went out to dinner with our best friends Martin & Maggie who own n.b Morning Sweetheart.  As pudding was served, Maggie's plate arrived with coffee gateaux PLUS a ring box.  Martin proposed and she said "YES". It was SO romantic and long overdue and we celebrated with lots of fizz.

If you remember this photo of a sunken boat from a previous blog

I'm pleased to report that it has been refloated. Thanks to Keith McIver for the photo.

Yesterday morning the weather was dreadful, heavy rain and the odd distant rumble of thunder. It had improved by late afternoon so we took Chico out for a walk. We decided to do the Cropredy Circular Walk and set off along the towpath to the Broadmoor Lock. The path then led us through a rapeseed field.  You don't realise how tall these plants are until you're in the middle of them

and you certainly don't realise just how much water they can hold after a downpour!
I was soaked to the skin and the water wicked up inside my coat and ran down into my wellies. I squelched all the way home and poured out a good half pint from each one when we got back.

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