Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Polesworth to Hopwas

There's not a lot to tell you about today and sadly nothing of interest to photograph. We had a quick walk into Polesworth this morning to stock up at the excellent butchers in Market Street, plus Roger bought some maggots which are now lurking in my fridge.....horrid little creatures but it keeps him happy. I'm pretty sure that him sitting on the back deck in the sunshine dangling a rod in the water and drowning a maggot is more to do with chatting to passers-by than actual fishing.

Our trip down Glacote Locks took over half an hour as the pound between the two locks was extremely low and we had to let a load of water down to refill it. The bottom gates of the bottom lock are leaking so badly that they won't hold water when full and that's just draining the pound as the lock has to be re-filled every time a boat wants to go down, even when one has just come up.

It's our last night with David, as we'll be going in different directions tomorrow when we get to Fradley Junction. To celebrate/commiserate we're all going to The Tame Otter for dinner tonight. We haven't eaten in there before but the menu on the website looks promising. The moorings outside the pub were empty when we arrived this afternoon, but we've given them a miss and have gone onto the quieter visitor moorings. We took the last of the official places but that hasn't stopped two more boats mooring beside the very visible "no mooring" signs behind us. They're right on the bend and I keep hearing engines being thrust hard into reverse as passing boats try to not ram into them.

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