Thursday, 4 September 2014


Last night we moored on a meadow and walked into the local village of Hemingford Abbots.

There are lots of fantastic "chocolate box" thatched cottages

and a library housed in a disused telephone box. What a brilliant idea!

The Anchor & Compasses pub is stunning both outside and in.

We'd considered having a meal in there but it stank of cigarette smoke which they were trying to mask by burning several scented candles. All in all it was totally off-putting so we left after one beer.

As I've mentioned before, the EA have a very different approach to maintenance than C&RT. At Hemingford Lock we met a couple of EA men who were bringing their weed cutting boat through the lock. One of them commented that he thought the lock paddle was a bit stiff and straight away got on the phone to report it for fixing. If that had been C&RT men they would probably done nothing about it.

They also have a good solution for swinging gates. This fixing keeps the gates open

and this keeps them closed.  We could do with some of them on the canals.

We're now moored outside Earith Marina on 48hr Visitor Moorings. Not only are these free, but the pump-out is totally free as well so we've made good use of it to empty and flush out the tank.

We've also got some company tonight.

I'd be seriously tempted to stay another day with such amazing mooring companions but unfortunately we have to carry on again tomorrow.

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