Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Upwell to March

I haven't blogged for a few days as we've been retracing our route back from Salters Lode to March and I've already posted about this section of the system. I'm sure you don't want to hear about the minutiae of our daily lives so I try and only write about new things we've done and new places we've stayed.

We spent Friday and Saturday nights on the visitor moorings beside the church in Upwell. It's a good spot, opposite a good butchers and beside the Five Bells pub and also has the benefit of a water tap which seem to be in short supply round here.  You have to get the key from the pub, for a £5 deposit, but as they aren't open all day hardly any passing boats bother to stop and fill up. The Well Creek Society have installed raised planted beds beside the mooring and along with several rose bushes which had just finished flowering these are full of herbs, rhubarb and raspberry bushes which are free for the picking. It's a really nice touch.

The fishing was good here too and Roger caught several nice rudd (well I think they were rudd)

During one of our dog walks we came across fields of pumpkins which were being harvested. We must have seen 30 wagons full of them being taken past the boat en-route to the local packing plant. The other main crops round these parts seem to be sugar beet and cabbages.

We arrived back in March on Sunday to find that the river bank which had been washed away during our previous stay has now been repaired. The moorings were still blocked off however so we moored on the other side of town.

On Monday we took the bus to King's Lynn for a day out. I had to visit the nearest branch of our bank to prove my identity in order that I could get a new bank card as some scum-bag had hacked my account and made a HUGE fraudulent withdrawal. It took two hours on the phone followed by an hour and a half each way on the bus but the bank have been very good and refunded the cash pending investigation.

There won't be another blog now until the end of the month as we're going on holiday. Yes, I know people say that we're always on holiday but we're heading off to Italy for some culture.....oh and lots of pasta and red wine too............See you when we get back.

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