Monday, 19 January 2015

Boots Update

You may remember back in November I bought myself some new winter boots. Well after 3 months I thought I'd give you an update on how they've performed.

The budget pair have proved to be extremely warm and perfect for muddy conditions and walking the dog, but aren't really suitable for working locks as they tend to slip when I'm pushing on lock beams.

The Doc Martens however are SUPERB!!  They're perfect in all weather conditions, although I don't wear them when it's very muddy but that's purely because I don't want to spoil the embroidery.  Not only are they totally waterproof but they're extremely comfortable and very warm, so much so that I no longer have to wear thermal walking socks, but best of all they're totally slip-proof, even in the recent snow and icy conditions.

I love them so much that I'm going to invest in a plainer pair purely for locking and keep these for best. Just out of interest I looked at the Doc Martens website and they also do sandals with the same anti-slip soles so they might be an answer for summer, which is when I fell last year and damaged my spine. The days of fashion over practicality are long gone for me but these are still pretty cute don't you think?

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