Friday, 2 January 2015

Happy New Year

I've tallied up last year's boating statistics and we traveled 1119 miles and passed through 418 locks. We met and traveled with some lovely people and basically just really enjoyed ourselves. It's now time to plan this year's cruising route and we already have a few ideas although nothing's fixed as yet. As the saying goes.........Watch this space

Today has been another gloriously sunny but cold day and we're now moored on Tixall Wide. It's still one of my absolute favourite places to moor and despite having been here many many times we've never been to Shugborough Hall so today we decided to remedy that. Unfortunately the house is closed until March but we had a nice long walk through the grounds.

This is the very ornate foot/horse bridge over the River Trent with its many triangular passing places which allowed people crossing on foot to get out of the way of passing horsemen.

The river is quite high at the moment

This is the Hall itself. If you're interested in its history etc you can read about it HERE

This is the Tower of The Winds which is one of the follies in the grounds

and this is the Arch of Hadrian.  There are several other follies and monuments in the grounds but we'll have to come back in the summer when the estate is open to see them.

I expected to see more livestock or deer in the grounds but this horny beast was the most interesting animal we saw.

We're expecting friends for the weekend so I'll see you again next week, take care.

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