Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Almost there

Dangerous waters these.......rabbit eating crocodiles abound.  

Once again we've not managed to share any of the locks with another boat but they're nice and gentle and the paddles are fairly easy to wind so it hasn't been too bad. We were following a wide beam boat which meant that we had to re-fill each lock before we could go down and we only crossed with boats at one lock to ease the work.

Denham Deep Lock is just that......look at the size of that cill!

Only another 2 locks to go, 89 locks and almost 89 miles from Braunston

The long lines of moored boats continue to be interesting. At first I thought this was a weed cutter but it's powered by the wheel!

The static house boats aren't all old either, this one is brand new and being fitted out.

This cute little one has delusions of grandeur as it's called Titanic

But this is the one that interested me most. It's almost exactly what we're looking for with a view to moving to Europe so if anyone knows of anything similar for sale please let me know.

We called it a day when we got to Bull's Bridge and moored on the 24 hour moorings outside Tesco just past the water point. We hadn't been back from Tesco for very long when we were rammed up the stern by a fat arse wide beam boat which was trying to get into the water point, despite clearly being far too long for the gap between us and the boat moored on the other side of the water point. If he'd asked he could have moored alongside us, instead he came steaming in ramming into us and causing damage to our stern. Luckily it's mostly cosmetic but he wasn't too chuffed when Roger asked for his insurance details.

Tomorrow we're going to continue into London proper. It's our first time by boat and we've only been a couple of times before as tourists so if you have any suggestions of places to go and things to see please get in touch.

Bye for now


Diane and Ray said...

Just wondering if you knew of the opportunity of mooring in Little Venice , Rembrandt Gardens that you can book for a week. This is a great service so hopefully there is space . The 2 for 1 tickets from National Rail worked for great savings you just need to buy the cheapest tickets and get the voucher book from a station we walked to Southall.

Barbara Halsall said...

Hi, you are following in our footsteps, we are in Battlebridge until Sunday, having stayed under the A40 at Paddington for five days. Sarah at was such a help. We have used our bus passes to get around so have seen such alot. My email is if you want to get in touch. We are moving on to the River Lee and Stortt when we leave here. It will be nice to see the countryside again.
We moored just beyond the Willowtree at Hillingdon, the area is not ideal butane had a good night. We then carried on for the day and found mooring up near to Portobello difficult as there is not much space and lots of debris under the water by the towpath. We got a single size foam mattress stuck around the prop. Paddington basin is great for transport links but difficult to get a space. look forward to the next episode, Barbara on NB Micky Jay

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Yvonne said...
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