Monday, 24 August 2015

Kingston to Laleham

We had an early start yesterday and arrived in Kingston upon Thames at 9.30. It was the Belgian Grand Prix and we needed to be sure of a good spot to get satellite reception so we could record it while we were out and about.

It's a very busy stretch of river with all manor of trip boats, including this stunning Mississippi style steam wheeler the New Southern Belle.

If you'd like to hire it for an afternoon party cruise prices start at £1000 for 4 hours...........

I was very impressed with Kingston. We haven't been here before and its a lovely town with lots of shops, both national chain stores and small independents. We also had a late alfresco fry-up outside one of the many cafes and restaurants that line the streets.

Kingston also has this wonderful piece of street art called "Out of Order"

As soon as Roger had finished watching the Grand Prix the rain stopped and the sun came out for a perfect late afternoon cruise past Hampton Court Palace. There's free 24 hour moorings right outside but we only stopped long enough to take a few snaps.

The chimneys are really intricate, made by true craftsmen brickies.

The only bit of litter we've seen since we've been on the river - makes a change from the empty cans of White Lightening you get beside the locks up north...............

Lock-side topiary at Molesley Lock

Not only is the litter more up-market, the house boats are too. Some are larger than the house we used to live in many moons ago.

We spent the night at Walton where this unusual boat came past late evening

It's rained for most of today but that didn't stop us carrying on to Laleham where we're staying for the night. Before we stripped off the waterproofs we took Chico for a walk through the village checking out the houses and gardens.

One garden wall was covered with this beautiful passion flower

and while I've seen the flowers many times before, I've never seen the plant bear fruit. They were the size of apricots and perfectly ripe. According to Mr Google they're edible when totally ripe but will give you a bad stomach if slightly under.

Bye for now


Adam said...

The third houseboat you've pictured is actually a recording studio, owned by Dave Gilmore of Pink Floyd. It's called Astoria.

Yvonne said...

Thanks Adam, that's good to know as they're one of my favourite groups