Tuesday, 12 April 2016

A Day Out At The Zoo

Hi, glad you could join me again.

We've had a really good day out today.  The moorings by Bridge 134 are only half a mile from Chester Zoo so we decided to pay them a visit.  It's over 20 years since we went to this Zoo and it's certainly changed a lot - and all for the better I might add.

This 8 month female old calf was really difficult to photograph as she was being closely guarded by the other females of the herd. Most of the time she was surrounded by 4 or 5 "aunties" and only briefly made a solo appearance.

This black rhino looks prehistoric

The three of us agreed that our favourite exhibits were the ones where you could get up close and personal with the animals.  The butterfly house was amazing and there were hundreds flying about.  This one took a particular shine to David.

The Fruit Bat Forest won our second vote but we weren't able to photograph the bats as it was very dark.  The Rodrigues Fruit bats were huge with wing spans of a couple of feet but they didn't fly near us. The Seba's Fruit Bats were much smaller and you could feel a rush of warm air as they flew past your face. It was extremely hot and humid in there but we stayed for ages as I find bats fascinating.

Most of the bird houses had free flying birds and you could get really close to some of them.

This one kept picking up twigs and flying away. It took me a while but I found where she was building her nest. On the wire mesh roof of another exhibit.

Chester Zoo have several Giant Galapagos Tortoises. This was the biggest and was a couple of feet tall.

OK, so we went to the zoo...........but there were boats in the new Indonesian Islands area so we had to go and have a look

and go on a boat trip (amazingly it was free)  and take a selfie

Beside one of the food courts there was a more familiar water display...........Very realistic, complete with leaking gates!

This little bird was absolutely gorgeous. Unfortunately I got so carried away trying to get a decent photograph that I drained the battery on my camera!

So the final photograph was taken by David.       One of the three Sumatran Tigers.

I hope you've enjoyed our day out.  Bye for now.  Come back soon

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