Saturday, 23 April 2016

Recommendations and Thank Yous

Hello again.

This blog is all about thank you's and recommendations.

The first BIG thank you has to go to Pete and Yvette who run Taylors Boat Yard and dry dock.  They made the whole week's experience as easy and pleasant as possible and nothing was too much trouble for them. That includes the time when we locked ourselves out of the dock as we'd forgotten the key and had stayed in the Brewery Tap pub a bit too long. Yvette came to let us in within a couple of minutes of phoning and even stayed for a chat and to recommend more pubs!  I reckon their company motto must be "service with a smile" as that's what we had. We'd definitely recommend them and will use the dry dock again next time, if we're in the right neck of the country.

At 9.00 yesterday Pete opened the gates and we re-floated.

Then it was straight round to the water point to fill up and rinse all the dust off the boat before mooring up in the sunshine to start washing the boat properly and getting it ready for cruising again.

Our second "Thank You" goes to readers Lyn and Bill who came to visit the other day while I was out but came back again yesterday. They brought their beautiful westie Tilly with them and although she's never been on a boat before she very quickly made herself at home.

It was a good job Chico hadn't come back from his holiday yet as he may have been a bit jealous.

Thanks for coming to see us. I hope you continue to enjoy my blog and I really hope you manage to fulfill your dreams and get a narrowboat in the very near future.

Chico came back from his holiday at 2 o'clock and quickly assumed his usual position. I'd put a fresh fleece in his bed so he had no idea that Tilly had tried to move in.

He says a HUGE thank you for his present. He absolutely LOVES them.  That's a big endorsement from the dog who doesn't normally like doggy treats.

The final recommendation and thank you goes to Wynnestay Kennels where Chico spent the week while we were in the dock.  They collected and brought him back and were very punctual both times so we had no waiting around. He came back happy and healthy and not at all smelly and seems to have enjoyed his stay. I've put their details in our log book and would definitely use them.

It's great to be back afloat as the sensations of living on a boat that doesn't move were a bit weird to say the least.  Today we're carrying on cruising.  Happy Days!

Bye for now

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