Friday, 27 May 2016

Gloucester temptation was too much!

Hi, nice to see you again

Mooring in big towns is all well and good but it does nothing for my waistline or Roger's wallet, especially when there are temptations like the Gloucester Outlet Mall and the Brewhouse pub & restaurant within a few hundred yards from the boat!   I've recently realised that both Roger and David are addicted to shoes and with at least 5 shoe shops in the Outlet Mall there's just been too much temptation. They both succumbed and David even popped back last evening for another sneaky pair!

We had lunch in Brewhouse yesterday. It's a micro-brewery as well as a bar/restaurant and they recommend beers to match the food in a similar way to the posh restaurant we went to in Birmingham for my birthday, the one that matched different wines with each course of the tasting menu.

How about this for bottle recycling? Shame we don't have room for something similar here on the boat.

I really liked the lights over the bar, made from empty beer bottles.

This is the brewery section of the pub.  They run brewery days every Saturday. For £85 you get breakfast, lunch, a course in how to brew beer and a mini-cask of 8 pints of ale to take away.  I was really surprised that Roger and David didn't take me up on my offer to book a day for them.

It was a gorgeous sunny afternoon and I sat out on the pontoon reading and catching some rays while Roger played his guitar indoors.

Later in the evening this hot air balloon flew over the docks, following the course of the canal towards Sharpness.

It always makes me feel like royalty when bridges are raised for us to pass through. Llanthony bridge marks the end of the docks and we're now on the Gloucester & Sharpness canal.

If anyone fancies a floating Des Res the old light boat is currently for sale. 4 bedrooms plus various other rooms details HERE

We're now moored in the middle of nowhere.  NO pubs  NO shops BLISS

Bye for now, come back soon if you can

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