Saturday, 16 July 2016

Old Friends and Hampton Court

Hi, nice to see you

Leaving Windsor on Wednesday we sailed past the castle but as there was no-one home we didn't bother knocking on for a brew.

Instead, we stopped off in Staines so that we could meet up with friends Paul & Lin.  We'd built their boat "Inaminit" 13 years ago and haven't seen them for a long time so had LOTS to catch up with. We had a good craic over lunch in the Swan Inn and have promised to keep in more frequent contact.

It's been such a glorious day again that several of the riverside houses had their patio doors folded back to open up their interior spaces out into the garden.

Some of them looked like they belonged on "Grand Designs"

We were lucky and managed to get a mooring at Hampton Court, although the last space was only just long enough for David's boat along the wharf so we had to breast up on the outside. It's quite awkward getting Chico on and off but it's only for one night so he'll have to manage.

David wanted to go and visit the Maze so we tagged along.

This was a rare shot with nobody else around. The maze was teeming with tourists of all nationalities.  The little children were having a great time. I suppose if you're only 4 or 5 the hedges must look huge!

We made it to the centre and took the compulsory selfie..........

before going off in search of ice-cream.

Bob & Nicola who were travelling with us have changed their plans and gone off up the River Wey. We were all supposed to be doing the tidal Thames tomorrow from Teddington to Limehouse but as they've gone their own way we've decided to go in at Brentford and then head for the centre of London for a couple of days before doing the trip the other way from Limehouse.

It's one trip I MUST do before we hand over the boat to the new owners. It's been on my bucket list for years, so keep watching and I'll share it with you very soon.

Bye for now

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Paul & Lin said...

Great to see you both again and catch up
What's this about "Life in the Slow Lane"?
There's no stopping you two !
Exciting times!