Wednesday, 12 October 2016

An unplanned maiden voyage

Hi, nice of you to drop in again.

We've had another busy week. Roger's spent most of it down in the "cellar", which is what we've called the engine hole as apart from the engine, generator and black tank it's big enough to store lots of our non day-to-day stuff.

This is only a third of the space.

Before he could service the generator and engine he installed plenty of lighting down there. After all, there's no point struggling is there?

One other important job was to alter the steps down into the galley and bedroom.  They were a total waste of space so he used one of his new toys to cut the treads off and convert them to storage.  Of course the first one had to be the booze store.

Now that's what I call "a good use of space"

We've had some interesting ships coming and going through the harbour this week. This was just one of them. The Pride of Bristol is an ex navy ship that moors in the harbour. The other day she came and moored at the pub opposite us, complete with wedding party on deck supping champagne. They disembarked and went ashore for a while before returning in groups for trips around the harbour. Someone obviously wanted a stylish wedding!

Today we had a trip of our own.  When we moved on board we didn't know how full the waste tank was as there isn't a gauge like we had on Fizzi, although the broker told us he'd taken her for a pumpout so we assumed it was empty. Today we realised it was full. I won't go into details as to how we found that out but let's just say that our maiden voyage had to be brought forward.....quickly.

So off we went up the harbour to the pumpout station.  Bluey handled beautifully, much better than when we had our test drive and thanks to works done while she was out of the water.

It now feels like we live on a boat again, rather than a floating apartment.  I can't wait till all the works are done and we can go cruising again.

Bye for now, see you soon I hope

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