Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Congleton Aqueduct

After a perfect day yesterday, we had a perfect evening. It was time for the first BBQ of the year and the pork ribs were delish.
The canal has been busy again today with lots of hire boats wizzing about. The fields are full of frolicking lambs and there are newly hatched ducklings everywhere.

We only cruised for a couple of hours today and moored on Congleton Aqueduct at lunchtime. It was so lovely here we decided to stay for the night and Roger fished while I sat in the sun and finished a book. Mid afternoon a couple of policemen came along the towpath with a handcuffed youth. Apparently he'd been caught in the woods below the aqueduct with a load of stolen goods. There's a river running through these woods and all afternoon we've heard the sounds of kids having fun jumping off the bridge into the river. I didn't think it was deep enough for that but we haven't heard and screams of pain so it must have been OK.

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