Thursday, 21 April 2011

FINALLY off the Macc.

This weather is amazing! I can't remember it being so hot and sunny for so long for a period so early in the year but long may it last. A bit of rain overnight wouldn't go amiss however, as the canal level is quite low and we grounded the bottom in a couple of places when passing other boats..
We didn't start cruising until after lunch today as Roger picked up a job at Congleton Aqueduct. A boat called Misty Waters had problems with a water leak and it took a couple of hours to find and fix it.

Ramsdell Hall looked as majestic as ever in the sunshine. If you're interested in the history you can read about it here

New born calf

There aren't many swans on the Macclesfield Canal and as soon as we got onto the Trent & Mersey we came across this one sitting on a huge nest.

Just around the corner from the swan was a bee hive swarming with bees and judging by the many trees in blossom around it, there should be plenty of honey inside.

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