Thursday, 14 April 2011

Quail Scotch Eggs

The dry dock took half an hour to fill and we were on our way by 10.30.

With the rental of the dry dock, hire of the power washer and all the materials including blacking and gloss paint, rollers etc. it costs us just under £400 to make the boat look like new again. The blacking should last 2 years, maybe even 3, so we consider it a bargain.

After filling up with water at Macclesfield we moored at Gurnett Aqueduct to wash the boat. We'd been moored under a sycamore tree at Marple last week and the sap had dropped all over the boat making it sticky and grey.

This afternoon I made quail scotch eggs, a real favourite of ours.

Boil the quail eggs for 4 mins. then cool quickly in cold water (so they don’t go grey round the yolk)
Remove the shells and roll egg in plain flour to help the sausage meat stick better.
Take the skins off sausages or buy sausage meat, 1 ½ thin sausages or 1 fat sausage per egg.
Make sausage meat into a flat patty in the palm of your hand, put a hard boiled egg in the centre and fold sausage meat around to totally cover it.

Beat an egg in a bowl and roll each sausage covered quail egg in it, then roll in fresh breadcrumbs to cover it all over.

Deep fry 3 at a time in a wok or saucepan for about 5 mins. till golden brown and crispy.

Drain on kitchen paper and leave to cool before eating. Delicious with a pint of Old Speckled Hen.

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