Friday, 15 April 2011

High Lane

We'd planned on mooring at Marple this evening but had a very late start this morning, even by our standards. The dogs have settled straight back into the boat and didn't wake us up until 10.00 this morning.....sheer bliss!

It's been a lovely day, mostly bright but with a light shower just as we were about to moor up. We must have seen 10 or 12 herons, 20 nesting geese, lots and lots of mallard drakes but no ducks, apart from 2 that had newly hatched ducklings, and the lambs have been frolicking in the sunshine. The daffodils are still very much in evidence and there is apple & cherry blossom everywhere. All in all, a perfect day!

We're now moored at High Lane which is on the main A6 from Buxton to Stockport and is a really busy road. There's a large new Spar nearby and also a pizza take-away, a Chinese take-away, a cafe, a deli and an English fish and chip shop (run by Chinese) all wafting their tempting aromas our way but I've not given in, we're having king prawn and scallop risotto instead.

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