Friday, 27 May 2011

Zouch Cut

Because the canal basin at Loughborough is right next to a bar/restaurant with student flats above, I was a bit concerned that it might have been noisy last night. I needn't have worried as it turned out to be very quiet and peaceful.

This morning I did another shopping run into town and then after lunch we headed back down the locks to moor in Zouch Cut. It's very busy here and we managed to slip into the last spot. We're hoping to meet friends Jean & Garth here tomorrow so hopefully at least one of the moored boats will move on so that they can get in.

There are lots of beautiful BIG houses around Normanton on Soar but just half a mile further along they're a bit more modest.

It's the Soar Boat Club rally this weekend and if the weather's nice on Sunday we might turn round and go back, moor up and have a look.

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