Saturday, 20 August 2011

Addersley Locks

This morning we met fellow bloggers Paul & Lynne from n.b. Piston Broke (I love the name). It was nice to meet you guys, we’ll keep following your travels and hope to meet up again.

We did a couple of trips into town to Morrisons and the new Asda (used to be Netto/Lidl) and had lunch in Wetherspoons. Their meals are really good value for money and the Old Speckled Hen was cheap at only £2.25 when we usually pay between £2.80 - £3.00.

I love seeing how people customise their boats. These had painted their satellite dish to match the front bulkhead decoration. It was very pretty.

The marigolds on the roof are attracting plenty of butterflies.

We passed some moorings that had a very posh hen house and fancy chickens.

There's a small farm shop beside Adderley Top Lock.

Just as I was about to open the lock gate a lamb came strolling out of the farmyard and walked up and over the lock gate. I just couldn’t get my camera out of my pocket fast enough to catch it on the gate.

The flight of 5 locks were easy as they were all more or less full, apart from leakage. We must have timed it right as it was very quiet and we only met one boat coming up. We’re now moored below the bottom lock and it’s suddenly become very busy with boats coming past in both directions.

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