Thursday, 18 August 2011

Down Tyreley Locks to Market Drayton

Apart from being rammed by a hire boat just after we set off, it’s been a pretty uneventful day today.

We decided not to stop at The Anchor pub. It’s in the middle of nowhere, only accessible by boat or down a narrow lane, and still serves beer from the jug as it did when we first called in 31 years ago. I think it’s still the same licensee too.

This is Cadbury Wharf. It used to be a loading wharf for the chocolate factory but this only produces dried milk now and that’s not transported by canal.

We had a good run down through Woodseaves Cutting which is very narrow in places. It was cut by hand through solid rock and is very overgrown and damp. The towpath’s very muddy in places even though we’ve had very little rain recently.

At Tyreley Top Lock there is a stall selling home-grown fruit and veg and local honey and jam.

We had a quick passage down the 5 Tyreley locks as there were plenty of boats coming up.

passing between locks 4 & 5

We’re now moored in Market Drayton ready for a visit to Morrisons in the morning. We’re OK for food but the beer and wine cellars are getting a bit low and we’re meeting friends over the weekend so we need to re-stock.

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