Monday, 29 August 2011


Before we left Worsley yesterday we walked back to Monton to collect our car from storage. I drove it to Boothstown while Roger brought the boat. We'll be staying here for a few days to see family and friends so it made sense to make full use of the car. I drove to Morrisons & Aldi this morning and did a huge shop, mostly heavy or bulky stuff, and tomorrow I'm taking my mother to the Trafford Centre. She's disabled and needs help shopping for clothes so while I'm looking forward to spending time with her, clothes shopping is my idea of hell and the Trafford Centre is not my idea of fun by any means.

We're now moored on the 14 day moorings outside The Moorings pub at Boothstown Marina. It's a good spot and we managed to tie up to mooring rings, however the boat in front of us had to use pins and the "speed boats" that rush up and down the Bridgewater have pulled them out twice already. I don't know what it is about this particular canal but none of the boats with Bridgewater registrations slow down; maybe they think that because the canal is owned by Peel Holdings British waterways rules don't apply? 

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